Exhibitor/Vendor Information


This page is specifically for exhibitors and vendors who want to come to our shows.  The following pages are in PDF form so that you can print them out prior to coming to the show grounds. You can save much time by filling out the registration form ahead of time and it will streamline your registration process. 

Please note that this year there is a flat $60 fee in order to VEND at our show. This is very reasonable considering that our show attracts many people with interests specific to old machinery.

Please also note that, for persons setting up an EXHIBIT of antique machinery, there is no charge. 

Mixed vendor/exhibitor spaces will now be charged as vendors. We won't be absolutely rigid about this rule, but we will be monitoring the sites on and off during the weekend to make our show grounds a level playing field for all the hard working vendors that come to CAMA every year. Too often in the past, vendors have been masquerading as exhibitors to avoid paying the very reasonable vendor fee, and this has upset the majority of vendors that happily pay the fee to sell.

Please note that there will soon be a must-read regulation sheet regarding limitations on Vehicular traffic while on CAMA grounds.   

Important Printable PDF files below: 

2016 Fall Festival Vendor/Exhibitor package (PDF form) This includes all pages of the mailed package including Welcome letter, all safety and vehicle regulations and the Registration form

2016 Fall Festival Registration Form - PDF format (click here)